Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You say ma'a salaama and I say marhabbah!

Well, school. is. done. Yepp. It was definitely weird to hug everyone goodbye and then walk out the door today. For most of my classmates, today signified the end of being sophomores and the beginning of being juniors--upperclassmen. For me, today meant leaving behind my school until senior year. Weird. Walking out the door today really made me think. I'll be missing out on a crazy amount of stuff--classes, weird teachers, inside jokes, friendships, everything. At the same time, I'll be having my own wonderful adventures with Arabic, souqs, camels, deserts, beaches, school, friends, host family, OMAN. But I'm still a little bit sad about the whole thing. My high school has become a weird sort of home for me. There are parts I love and parts I can't stand. But there it is. I've spent two years there. And now I'm leaving. Yeah. Goodbye, and also hello to a whole new adventure

On a less reminiscing note, I have two days of summer until Arabic starts! Then comes DC with the YESers (heck yeah. I'm ridiculously excited), more Arabic, some travel to see grandparents, and OMAN!

And because this post is kind of boring right now, here's some nice Oman landscape pictures!

These are the Jebel Shams. Tall mountains near Muscat :)

Wahiba Sands!

This is near Salalah, Oman :)

Here's a nice view of the coast!

As you can see, Oman has quite a bit of diversity in a space about the size of Kansas. I can't wait to see this great country for myself!!

That's all for now!

PS- In case you didn't guess, ma'a salaama means goodbye and marhabbah means hello :)