Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lots of exciting stuff in my Oman-related life!

Well, I got back at 12:16 am this morning from DC, due to a severely delayed flight, but otherwise the trip was absolutely fabulous!! We spent 4 days there, and it was insanely informative but also crazy fun :) The orientation I attended was with everyone going to Mali, Morocco, and Oman this year. 14 girls, one boy.

This is our group at the American Councils, where our orientation was located.

Here's the Oman group. Noah, Quin, Bailey, Jai, and myself.

The first night, we went out for some awesome Ethiopian food!
And it was delish.

yumm. that food was demolished!!

The next day, we started our orinetation sessions. Easily the best part was the conference call with the AMIDEAST staff in Oman. We learned a ton from that, just asking and answering questions. It turns out that I will be going to school with Quin next year, and Jai, Bailey and Noah will all be attending school together. We were also told that our host families were selected, but not told who they were... lots of excitement there! Likewise we were told that we would find out who they are soon!!! And because this post is going in chronological order... you'll have to read more to find out about MY HOST FAMILY! 

On Wednesday night, we were given a wonderful privelage to be able to visit Masjid Muhummad, a mosque in DC, to observe prayer. It was such a beautiful experience. I'm not really religious, but being there felt kind of holy. In order to go into the prayer room, we had to cover our hair... lots of fun and giggles in trying to put on a head scarf!!
Here we are in our fabulous head scarves :)

Friday consisted of more Orientation and then a reception at the State Department. It was a bit un-exciting, BUT it meant we got to see the YES Abroaders to Ghana, Turkey, India, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia! It was fabulous to get to see them all again, especially Group 6--all accepted!!
Here we are- Lily (Morocco), me (Oman), Tenaya (India), Alexa (Malaysia), Ankhet (Indonesia) and Noah (Oman)

Friday was the day of returns, and my flight of course was delayed by about 2 hours so I didn't leave until about 10:00 pm. It was a long, tiring flight home, but waking up this morning was absolutely wonderful-- I was greated by an email informing me of HOST FAMILY INFORMATION!

I have 5 siblings-- one older brother, two older sisters, a sister who is my age, and a younger sister as well as a mother and father! The sister who is my age will be attending my school as well :) I can't wait to get to talk to them and meet them... the information I've received makes them seem like lovely people! I cannot wait to join their family this year!!

t-60 days to Oman...

ma'a salaama!



  1. All I can say is WHOOOOOO!

    When do you get your itinerary?

  2. Oh my gosh, I miss DC so much. I visited it the year before last and fell in LOVE with it there.

    Your host family sounds cool! Five siblings...that'll be fun to get ready for school in. XD