Sunday, July 31, 2011

That weird thing called Time

Tomorrow is August 1st, which marks the one-month-until-I-go-to-Oman spot on my calendar. To me, this seems like an eternity away but also just a hop around the corner! Today marked the end of the county 4-H fair (Congrats again to my good friend Grant, the fair king!) and likewise the end of most of the structured activity of my summer 2011. Of course that was an incredibly fun yet busy week for me... going to concerts and having show choir shows and feeding pigs to donuts and winning the Radio Disney freeze dance contest and trying to share a cream puff with a goat in order to win a tshirt... Good times.
Of course, I have the millions of little things an exchange student has to accomplish before departure... dealing with packing and stressing over host family presents (for me, shopping for 7 people!). And then there's the need to shop for oneself, especially when going to a place like Oman that is more conservative. There's packing. And goodbyes. I don't even know where to began with the goodbyes. If anyone knows how to say goodbye to everyone and everything you've ever known, let me know please!
Basically, I bunches of time but nothing at all left here. I'm excited and thrilled and, honestly, kind of terrified. Talking to my host family and people from my host school makes me crazy with happiness and nervousness...
I guess that's about it!! 31 days!

Ma'a Salamaa!


  1. Less than a month to go! How exciting!

    As for your worries about saying goodbye...I've never been out of the country, but my parents are divorced and up until last summer, I would go stay with my dad for two months every summer. It always seemed unfair that I had to just pick up my life and go see him when he wanted to see me, but I coped. Sometimes, you just have to cross your fingers, say a prayer, hug someone goodbye, and hop on a plane. Don't give your grief a chance to come out. Smile and remember that this isn't the end, only the beginning! You will see everyone once again. :)

  2. Thanks for the advice :) I'm definitely excited!!