Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Almost there!

In 48 hours, I will be at the airport checking in for my first flight. These last few days have been an absolute flurry of activity and preparations. My family threw me a surprise party, and I honestly had no idea! It was great to get to see a lot of my friends for the last time until next summer! Even though I'll miss them like crazy, I feel like there's a bit of closure there. I also pretty much have everything packed up, and my suitcase made weight! In fact, it was only 40 pounds out of the 50 we can have! I'm pretty much sure I am forgetting something, but I guess there's a few days for me to figure out WHAT that is. I also have figured out my situation with getting credit at my high school here, and my counselor, principal, and registrar have made it clear that I will get credit! Hooray! Just a few minutes ago, actually, I received a phone call from a number I didn't recognize--I picked up and it was Lukaew, our Thai exchange student from this past year, calling to wish me safe travels! It was wonderful to hear from her!
I'll be spending today and tomorrow finishing up cleaning my room and spending time with my family! This honestly doesn't feel real yet, and it probably won't until I'm actually getting on the plane. I'm so excited and also so grateful for this incredible opportunity!

Ma'a Salamaa!


  1. For me, it didn't feel real until I arrived at the Lufthansa desk in Frankfurt, and started crying to this lady at the help center that I missed my flight, and blahblahblah. She changed my travel arrangments, and then she said I should phone my host family. MY HOST FAMILY.

    I called my dear mama for the first time, and I heard her for the first time, and I started crying all over again, and she kept asking if I was okay.

    It didn't feel real until then.....

    It felt even more real when I boarded the plane to Hamburg with the other exchanger who I met by accident (he is in my town, and was scheduled for the flight right after me).

    And when I saw Hamburg... I was so EXCITED!

    Then I was so nervous after I got off the plane, because I wasn't sure where my host family would meet me. So me and the other exchange boy stuck together, and we got our baggage (after filing a lost claim, and all that jazz) and we looked around the baggage claim area not sure who we were going to see...

    then we headed for some shaded doors where you couldn't see the other side, we walked through them, AND THERE WAS A CROWD OF PEOPLE! And they were mine and the other boys host family.


    And they gave US hugs.

    Yeh... oh, and the boys host family is going to be my 3rd. :D

    Happy exchange story.


  2. Sarah... I love your stories! :D I can't wait until I have my own! :D For the next two days I will satisfy myself with yours, though.