Friday, September 30, 2011

Attending a Milka

A few days ago, I went to a milka, which is basically a pre-wedding party, but with a fair amount of significance.  This milka was held in the basement of a mosque, and was, like other aspects of the wedding celebration, all female. This particular wedding was of a very good friend of my host family's, so it was extra special! We all got dressed up...

jalabiyya! Pretty AND comfortable!

We got to the party, and because it was in a mosque, took off our shoes. In the room there were a lot of pillows on the ground, on which we sat. After being there for a while, the bride entered. She was led by her female family members and was wearing a gorgeous green and white dress. She was seated and then was asked by someone if she took her fiance as her husband. She said yes, and then she was his wife! He, however, was not yet her husband and therefore was not able to actually see her until the real wedding (a few days later).

Then there was lots of food and some chanting and people standing around her singing! Lots of fun!

And totally not related to weddings, I went with Bailey to the beach and it was amazing! mmmm check out that view! I didn't have my camera so I just snapped this picture with my phone, but I will go back soon and get more pictures!


  1. AH! That gown/pink dress is absolutely regal. And the beach pic=amazing.

    Lots of food and chanting...sounds like a pretty good pre-wedding kinda thing to do!

  2. Your dress is sooooo beautiful!!!