Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Riding the bus- photo update

Every morning I am picked up at about 6:45am by the bus driver to go to school, and here's a montage of photos taken en route! I actually enjoy the ride, because it allows me to get to know my neighborhood, Al Khuwair, much better. 
House in my neighborhood!

Houses! These are fairly typical Omani houses. 

Street with more houses

Construction. There is SO much of it here. It's everywhere, and I imagine it's fairly steady. 

It's pretty common to, if you can, avoid the roads! It's much faster to cut across a big lot, or up on a sidewalk for that matter... anything to avoid the endless speed bumps! (that's my bus driver's view, anyways)

I really like this one!

"Be Safe" "No Smell Paint" girl. She's everywhere. 


This is a really amazing pink house. 

They're building a new mosque. It's going to be beautiful!

The Qaboos Sports Complex, where the Omani football team plays! Right across the street from my school. 



  1. Amazing pics! Oman looks gorgeous--especially the shots of, the mountains in the background. I'm a fan of the grand Middle Eastern architecture and Oman really has it. ^_^

  2. Hello! This is Lydia~
    Your pictures are gorgeous, especially the ones of the mosque.
    I hope you don't mind that I've been creeping on your blog~:P 'Cause I have, and I've come to the conclusion that it is awesome! Thanks for writing, and posting pictures,on it!

  3. I'm glad that people are reading and enjoying my blog! I have fun writing it, but I'm glad people get something good from it!

  4. Thanks again for doing so! I really enjoy reading it :-)