Sunday, September 11, 2011

Spending 9/11 in the Middle East

Today is September 11th, 2011--exactly 10 years since the 9/11 tragedy. As I am spending this day in Oman, I want to take a moment to reflect.

The country in which I currently reside is a Muslim country; Islam is the state religion. Religion takes up every aspect of people's lives. Yet I have seen nothing in my day-to-day life here that makes me think that Islam is religion influenced by terror. In fact, I have seen the opposite. It is very peaceful. Muslims pray 5 times a day. In fact, as I type this, I hear the call to prayer echoing throughout the city and my house. People here are quite curious about America and ask many questions, but none have been hostile towards me. Most everyone is welcoming and merely wants to learn as much as they can about my culture and life. None have insulted my beliefs or who I am. People here are quite peaceful in general.

Ten years ago was a day that has greatly affected American history and identity. I just plead everyone to remember that among any group you will find good people and bad people, and that stereotyping will gain nothing.

God, Allah, HaShem, Krishna, Providence, whoever you are, if you exist, may you bless the whole world. 

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  1. This is a really wonderful post that proves that God has already blessed you lots. :) I think it's just INCREDIBLE that you are spending this year in Oman and you will go through many physical, spiritual, and mental challenges but your intellect will just grow! It takes a lot of intelligence to realize that not all Muslims are bad and not all middle-eastern countries want to wipe America off the map.