Sunday, September 4, 2011

Travelling and Arrival--I'M IN OMAN!

I'm here! So here's a brief synopsis of my first 4 days.


I left home on the 1st, said goodbye to my family, and then had to go through security wait for my plane... we boarded and of course there was a mechanical error and we had to get off the plane so they could get a new one from the hangar and that took forever-- I guess I should just be grateful that I was flying from Chicago, where they actually have extra planes! It was a long wait, and I started to worry that I would miss my DC flight, but 7amdelillah, we actually took that exact plane to Frankfurt! The flight to Frankfurt was long and boring and no one but Noah slept, but at least the other 4 of us has finagled 4 seats in a row! Then we spent 4 hours in the airport, and we bought German chocolate and giant Mentos!! After Frankfurt, we flew to Abu Dhabi (our flight was Muscat via Abu Dhabi) and from there to Muscat! On the flight to Muscat, we were on a 300-person flight with only 20 passengers, so we all got window seats! As it was night, we couldn't see much but the roads and the occasional buildings--and one small flickering fire in the desert! We landed and got off the plane and OH MY GOODNESS it was HOT!! We had to get on a bus to get to the baggage claim, customs, and that was COLD! Imagine going from an incredibly humid and hot outdoor area to a 50 degree (F) bus! Weird feeling. Anyways, we got through, got our luggage (except poor Quin's was lost!!) and went through Customs.

On the plane from DC to Frankfurt!

Flying over the UK

German chocolate and giant Mentos!

On the flight to Abu Dhabi/Muscat

Empty plannnnnnnnnne. 


Airport in DC, about to board! 

First day and meeting our families!
Because we arrived at about 11pm, they took us immediately to a hotel. I think we made quite an impression on Sarah and Fatin with our gruesome chatter, haha. Right after we arrived at the hotel, about 2 guys saw into our bus and realized we were Americans and started walking towards us and waving... very interesting experience. Anyways, we woke up the next morning and Noah and Bailey and I tried to go outside to take pictures. It didn't work out because our cameras really fogged up; it's so humid! Then we went on a tour of Muscat and got to see the Sultan's palace, an old fort, and a very fancy hotel. At the hotel, we got to have some incredible coffee and dates! After the tour, we went to AMIDEAST where we ate lunch with the AMIDEAST employees, and then the tailor came and we were fitted for uniforms (school starts for Quin and I tomorrow) and we got phones and it was all rather overwhelming. Anyways, then we got on the bus again and went to a hotel to meet our host families! My host parents and brother were up at their farm in Barka, but  my 4 sisters came to meet me and we had an orientation with the families. Then I went "cruising" with my host sisters, and we drove around Muscat and to see "Love Street," so named because it's considered romantic. Really, though, it's mostly lots of men in dishdashas walking around looking for romance and not finding any. After sleeping for 12 hours, I went for breakfast this morning with my host sisters and then shopping for school supplies and now here I am!
The Grand Mosque, as seen from the highway

Breengalez! (Pringles)

Foggy camera lens!

We went to this adorable little place for breakfast, and we had to try the hammock chairs. 

Love Street!

The Sultan's yacht

At the Sultan's palace!

Kahwa at a hotel!

Our uniforms are too long! 

Aquafina fii 3man!


  1. Oh my gosh! So glad you all made it safely! :) Looks like you're having a blast, this will be a good year for you.

    Oman is surprisingly beautiful! It looks very Western, actually. Pizza Hut follows ya wherever you go. :P

  2. waaw did you have a perfect score on the test ??

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