Thursday, October 6, 2011

Arabic Lesson: Some important words/phrases to know in Oman!

الحمد لله- alHamdelillah- this means "praise be to God" and is heard quite often! For example: *I understand when my host mom asks for the bread, and pass it to her* "good, alHamdelillah!"

ما شاء الله- mashallah- this means "God wills it" and is said when praising something, so that you don't seem jealous. For example: "You look beautiful today, mashallah!" "Your eyebrows are wonderful, mashallah!"

إن شاء الله inshallah-this is the MOST WIDELY USED phrase ever. Inshallah means "God willing" and you use it for anything from "I'll win the lottery inshallah!" to "He will pull through from cancer inshallah" to "I'll be downstairs in 2 minutes inshallah."

يعني- yani- this is, like, the, like, Arabic Valley girl, like equivalent. Like yeah. Literally means "this means."

ماعرف- ma'arif- this is the Omani colloquialism of "I don't know" and is just all around helpful to know. 

مشوفي- Shoofi- shoofi! shoofi! shooof shoofi! Look look look!

حمام- hammam- means bathroom. Not to be confused with hamam, which means pigeon.

يلا- yalla- come on!!

شاي- chay- tea. We drink a lot of this! yum!

حبيبي- habibi- my dear (for a boy)--this is commonly heard when discussing a young cousin.. habibi, habibi! People love babies. Everyone. It's actually really funny to see how much 
my host dad and his 50+ yr old brothers dote over said young cousin. 

Hope this was informative and fun!


  1. Habibi is not only used for babies .... its used to show that u love that person so much ... and habibti is used for girls ...

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