Friday, October 28, 2011

Going to the Opera

Just a brief update:

Yesterday, I went to see Don Quixote in the Royal Opera House here in Muscat as performed by the American Ballet Theatre. It was amazing. The dancing was phenomenal and, even though we were in the "cheap seats" in the back, we could easily tell what was going on. I didn't know much about the storyline (actually, I knew absolutely nothing about it) but with the descriptions from the program combined with what was described to me from someone familiar to the story, I understood pretty well what was going on! Bravo, American Ballet Theatre!

The Opera House is absolutely stellar... comfortable seats, beautiful decor, friendly people. Very glad I got a chance to go! To all Omanis: if you have a chance to, go see something! You won't regret it!

And a small observation: There are a lot of white people at the Opera House. Seriously. It was probably 75-80% foreigners. As was said by one of us, "There are more white people here than there are in America!!" Interesting, because all Omanis I've talked to about the Opera house have commented on awesome it seems, yet it was mostly attended by foreigners.

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