Thursday, November 3, 2011

Eid Al Adha

Starting today, I have 9 days off of school for Eid Al Adha, an important Muslim holiday. Eid celebrates the day when Abraham, the prophet, was going to sacrifice his only son, Ishmael, when God interrupted him and gave him a ram for the sacrifice, rewarding Abraham's loyalty to God. This story is also in the Bible, although the intended boy is Abraham's other son, Isaac. 

At Eid, Muslims around the world celebrate by sacrificing a sheep. In Oman, this tradition is practiced by making shuwa, which essentially involves digging a hole in the ground, lighting a fire, putting the animal into the hole, covering it, and leaving it there for a day or so. Everyone has been telling me what a wonderful dish this is, so naturally I'm excited to try it! Eid this year begins on this Sunday, the 6th of November and goes until the next day. However, people celebrate all week and, as a result, we have the entire week off from school! 

Also during Eid, people tend to travel to see their family (or they go to Dubai). Because all of my extended host family is centered in Muscat, we are travelling with my host father's brothers and sister and their families to Musandam, in the north of Oman. I'm definitely pretty excited! Admittedly, part of this excitement owes its existence to that fact that Musandam is only a few kilometres from Iran, and you can see Iran from Musandam! Yay hooray!

In advance, Eid Mubarak! 

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