Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An interesting video

Today Quin and I stumbled across this video about the UAE, entitled "Emirates Workers."

Why is this so interesting to us? Well, first of all the UAE is quite close to Oman, just a 3 hour drive from Muscat. And secondly, there are Indian workers here too. I don't know much about their living and working conditions, but the images I saw in this video, in a way, represented things I've seen here. Most of the construction workers are Indians, and it's just interesting to me to see this photo collection on the Emirates. 
I also can see the link between this and migrant workers in the United States. Often, these people have jobs that citizens of the country they have migrated to don't want. They work as gardeners or garbage collectors or construction workers. Their nationalities vary, but the truth is that they can be seen everywhere. 
I hope that one day, all of these migrant workers, from everywhere around the world, legal and illegal, will receive proper compensation and benefits for their labor. 

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