Sunday, November 20, 2011

National Day: Part 2

Today was our school's National Day celebration! Although the official National Day was on Thursday, we celebrated today. I'm really glad it was today as opposed to yesterday, because I was taking the SAT. However, I did get to see some National Day activity there as well! I took the SAT at the Indian School in Muscat, and many of the students there were rehearsing for their National Day celebrations (although it is an Indian school, they still celebrate National Day because the school is in Oman). The marching was pretty awesome! They were very in sync... I can't imagine how much time it took to choreograph hundreds of students to march in perfect time with one another!!

Then, today was our school's celebration. And what does that entail? Fun! Today, uniforms were optional, as long as the replacement garments were traditional Omani clothing. The night before, my host sister and I "bakhoored" our clothes. This basically involves a wooden stand that clothes are draped over. Underneath, incense is burned. This makes the clothes smell amazing, and the smell lasts for days if you don't wash them!
This morning we woke up and,  rather than our uniforms, put on traditional Omani clothing. Both of us were wearing dresses styled like those from Dhofar, in the south of Oman.
At school, there was a frenzy of activity-- everyone was running around admiring each others dresses and making last minute preparations to their performances for the show. The inner courtyard looked so different from normal!
Yay National Day confetti!

Then the show started... and it was so awesome! We saw songs performed (both in Arabic and English) and traditional dances and a wide variety of other performances. My favorite, however, was definitely the fashion show of different types of traditional Omani clothing. The girls who put it together did such a good job... and the costumes were of course amazing!
I wish I could show you readers the wide variety of amazing costumes people were wearing, but for personal preference reasons of the students, I can't. However, if anyone would like pictures send me an email/facebook message and I'll see what I can do.

Here are some of Quin and I, though :)

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