Sunday, November 13, 2011

Words Words Words Kalaamat!: Food edition

Here are a few words (كلام , pronounced Kalaam) that are important (or at least, I deem them important). Inshallah all of you readers will be a bit smarter, or at least more informed about Arabic, after reading this.

Now you can say this in Arabic!
Aren't you proud of yourself?

طعام -ta'am-- food 

اكل- akl-- food
Notice how there are two ways to say "food" In Arabic. 
This culture *loves* food and I love that!

زيتون- zaytoon-- olive

اكلي لحوم- aklee lahoom-- cannibal

ممتاز- mumtaz-- excellent

ايس كريم- ays kreem-- ice cream

برتقال- burtuqal-- orange

مطعم- mata'm-- restaurant

سمك- samuk-- fish

حلو- halwa-- sweet

بسم الله- bismillah-- in the name of God (said before eating)

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