Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Muscat is, to put things frankly, chock full of construction. Everywhere you go, men in blue suits advertise that some sort of building work is taking place. You can scarcely drive down a street without spotting some form of construction, either repairs or new work.

Of course monstrous amounts of new work are being built--because every Omani family has about 5 kids, it makes total sense that people have to build out. Kids grow up and start families of their own, and the city has to grow. Not only that, but people move from the Interior of Oman to Muscat.

And then there is the added work of repairs. Unfortunately, despite most of Muscat being fairly young, there is -plenty of work to be done. In fact, only 12 years ago my neighborhood was undeveloped sand dunes! And now it is solely residential--towering villas are everywhere you see. But still, last week we woke up to see a gaping hole in front of our house. I believe that the repair work was related to some sort of pipes, though fortunately we retained access to water all week.

The only problem that I see with building on the dunes, which is fairly common due to the need for new space, is that the dunes have been shifting constantly for thousands of years. They will not stop their movement just because people have built on them. People have to build on the dunes, however, because Muscat is trapped between the mountains and the sea. But I suppose progress is progress, and people will continue to build outwards (Muscat is not the type of city to build upwards).

Here are some pictures of the construction in front of my house:

This bridge is SCARY. Especially at night. But you have to cross it to get to the house, so I have to use it.

Also, I apologize for infrequent blogging. I've been fairly busy lately but once exams are over I promise to blog more!

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