Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to tie a hijab!

The truth of the matter is that there are a million and one ways to tie a hijab. Any way you can think of it will go... just like with any clothing type. In my host family, there are five women who cover. And there are five ways of tying the hijab, just in my house! Not to mention everyone at school and who I see on the street. Basically, if it covers your hair, it goes.
Also, they can be made from any pattern or fabric.
What I'm going to show you today is a fairly standard method, using a shayla. This type of scarf is worn with an abaya most commonly. The other major kind is a lahaf, which is thicker and often has more colors and patterns.
One person with hair (my model is myself):

One shayla. You can identify a shayla because it's thinner, almost transparent.

One straight pin. This will hold your scarf in place... without it you have to re-tie it every 5 minutes.
And of course your abaya! Because you don't need a hjiab in the house and you must be fashionable when going out. Plus the shayla is just meant to be worn with the abaya.
Now that you've got everything, you're ready to begin. 

Step one: Ponytail! Otherwise your hair will be see-able in the back. Also use a headband to smooth back  your bangs (if you're going to show bangs. Otherwise it doesn't matter). 

Then you take your shayla and fold one long end in a few inches. Make sure to fold so that the rough stitching edges are on the inside.
Then take the end without the decoration (a shayla most always will have decoration on one end) and place it over your head, just covering the headband.
Then what you do is wrap the long end of the shayla under your chin and over the top of your head. 

And to secure it, pin it in place on the side! Make sure not to hurt yourself!

Then, to finish it all, drape the decorated end around your neck so it falls over your shoulder!

And khalas! You're done!

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  1. You have an Omani look in the last photo :)
    Nice post