Thursday, January 5, 2012

An Average Thursday

In Islam, the holy day is on Friday; therefore, we have our weekends on Thursday and Friday. This is all very confusing because I never know what day it is, but essentially all that you, the reader, need know for the sake of this blog post is that Thursday in Oman is the equivalent of a Saturday in America--it's the first day of the weekend.

On each Thursday it is typical for my host family to get together with extended family, normally on my host dad's side. When it's really hot out (aka any month but December and January and maybe February), we go to someone's house for lunch. But right now, because of the relatively cooler weather (for all y'all Wisconsinites... it's 70 F right now and it's about 9:30 pm Muscat time) we go to the beach for lunch and have a mini-potluck. We bring chairs and laugh at silly tourists in Speedos and eat lots of food. And my host uncles try to persuade me to marry an Omani guy, get an Omani passport, or go into business in Oman. Preferably all three, I think. After we're finished eating, we drink tea and eat some sort of dessert.

It's a beautiful place at the beach--I think that a lot of tourists come to Oman just because of how gorgeous Oman's beaches are. They cover thousands of kilometers, and by beaches I mean sand and ocean and palm trees.

Here are some pictures from the beach:

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