Friday, January 13, 2012

You Know You've Gone Omani When...

You know you’ve gone Omani when...
  1. You can eat chili pepper like a pro.
  2. You know how to tie your shayla without a mirror but never, ever would because it might look wrong.
  3. You know every single word to Enrique Iglesias’ ‘Hero.’
  4. The proper response to any question or comment is “Inshallah.”
  5. There are two types of cat: street and Persian.
  6. You always have tissue with you.
  7. You are late to everything but still think that you are on time.
  8. It’s a hypermarket, not a supermarket.
  9. You love Sultan Qaboos.
  10. You know that food is love.
  11. You tsk whenever something disappoints you.
  12. Roundabouts no longer make you dizzy.
  13. Every time you are presented with a drink option, you pick Vimto.
  14. You automatically turn your music/ the TV off when you hear the azzan.
  15. It doesn’t bother you that the AC is on in January. In fact, you need it on because it’s so hot in here!
  16. You shake your head at anyone in skimpy clothing.
  17. You “open” and “close” the TV and AC, not turn them on and off.
  18. Wet hair= death, or at least major illness.
  19. You can type in and read 3rabizi.
  20. Single-digit license plates put you in awe.

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