Sunday, February 19, 2012

Evil Eye

The other day, a good friend of mine from school gave me a bracelet as a gift. I thought it was quite pretty but nothing particularly out of the ordinary until my host mom saw it and asked me about it. What it turned out to be is protection against something called the Evil Eye, which is essentially another name for jealousy. The eye-shaped pattern on the charm is said to ward off bad thoughts from others who are jealous of you. For the same reason, when complimenting something it is required to say ma sha’ allah, or ‘god wills it.’ Essentially, that is said so that you do not seem jealous, but are instead saying that god wills the other person to have what they have. Both are protections against something that is kind of like bad karma. It is believed that by wearing the charm that looks like an eye and by saying your ma sha’ allah, one can avoid nasty repercussions caused by jealousy by and for you.

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