Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Prophet Mohammed!

A few days ago was the Prophet Mohammed's birthday, and of course people celebrate. Here's what I did:

My host mom, youngest host sister, and I got dressed up, with my host sister and I doing our hair. We arrived at someone's house to find the celebration in full swing. Everyone was dressed up, especially the younger girls (who in all-female environments typically will uncover their hair).The celebrations were nothing like Christmas celebrations that I've seen before: they were less about the awe of the birth and more about group singing and chanting as well as listening to people read verses.

One woman was clearly in charge of leading the group. I think that a lot of it was in a call-response format. Basically, there was a lot of clapping and singing. The most recurring words (which are actually common at a lot of events) were "salam! aleik! ya habib allah mohammed!" which essentially means 'peace be upon you, the dear one of god, Mohammed."

After the singing, women came and threw candy and money at everyone, and then the celebration is over--but not before they gave everyone food! This is something very typical of Omanis; you can't let people come or go without food.

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