Friday, February 24, 2012

A Tragedy at the Hands of NATO Troops

It recently came to my attention that an absolutely horrible obscenity has been performed by American NATO troops in Afghanistan. These people burned the Holy Qur'an, the most sacred object in Islam. In an analogy to Christianity, the Qur'an is the Muslim equivalent to Jesus--it is the literal word of God. Prophet Mohammed is the equivalent of the Virgin Mary, as more of a carrying case for the word of God (I read this analogy in a book once, and it sort of clicked for me). The Qur'an is not to ever touch the floor or even be touched without clean hands. The Qur'an is holy. 

By burning the Holy Qur'an, these troops have offended over a billion Muslims around the world. I cannot even describe how absolutely heinous and offensive an attack on Islam this was. I would like to make a point to say that I, along with many other, completely reprimand this monstrosity. Things like this make me ashamed to be an American. And they make me ashamed yet grateful to be in the Middle East.

 I am ashamed because I know that the people I am surrounded by--Muslims-- may view me in a different way because I share a nationality with the people who have committed such a faux pas, such a blatant show of hate. However, I am grateful to be here where I can hopefully show to people that not all Americans are full of antipathy towards Muslims. Many of us would never consider anything like this. And I refuse to stand behind American soldiers who will uphold that it is in any way acceptable or, forbid, good to slander anyone's beliefs. To me, it does not matter who someone is or where they come from, there is absolutely no acceptable reason that these American troops should be able to do this. There is no excuse, no nation's ego that is great enough to cover up the heinous truth that what these Americans in Afghanistan committed is an obscenity, an act of pure, unadulterated hate.


  1. I'm currently an exchange student this year too, and I know exactly what you mean and back you up. Yes, we are Americans and we're proud of our country and where we come from, but that doesn't mean we back of every little thing everyone from our country does. I have to explain that a lot, even being in Germany.

  2. Dear Emma,
    First of all i would like to thank you for your true feeling towards your muslim brothers and sisters, I really appreciate your comments about what happend in Afghanistan, by American Troops, burning our Holy Qura'an. Allow me please to comment on some of the points you raised. 1: Our Qura'an is Equivalent to the Bible. 2 : Prophet Mohammed is Equal to Jesus.