Monday, March 19, 2012

Animals in Oman

As I posted a while back, there are two types of cats in Oman: Persian and Street.

Persian cats are very over-loved, and are treated like very spoiled little children. I know of one cat who has its own room and is allowed to ride in an elevator. If families own pets, it is very likely that these animals are Persian cats.

Street cats are another breed altogether. There is no such a thing as an animal shelter in Oman, so these wiry little creatures are literally everywhere. There are stray dogs as well, but to a much lesser extent. The cats have slightly creepy triangular faces. They are very, very thin, and I'm afraid to say that I barely notice them anymore. These cats kind of fade into the background, and many people view them as a bit of a nuisance. There are several that actually live within our gates, because it provides a bit of extra shelter.
This is one of the strays that lives behind our house. Here it is perched on our  wall.
In terms of animals that are native to Oman, the most famous would likely be the fish. Oman is known for its maritime past, particularly among fishing. Fish here can be a wide variety of colors; when I was in Musandam we saw beautiful multicolored fish everywhere! And of course, when there is a fishing industry there are fish markets, which are usually big and fairly smelly but still quite interesting to view. 

And then of course there are the other native animals. We saw a parrot flying once in a small village. Here are some pictures of others!
I love its saddle!

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