Thursday, March 29, 2012


My readers, you should be proud of me. I finally managed to take pictures of food: two whole meals-worth! I would also like to point out that my host brother did the cooking here, ما شاء الله.

I'm afraid that I do not know the names of these dishes, but they are both delicious!


Plus this...

Equals this fabulous concoction! It is eaten with the hands only, and is essentially soup and bread. 

This is pretty typical of what we eat a lot. Saluna, or stew, over rice. This is plain white rice be we often have biryani rice or some other kind of rice with it. 

Omani food tends to be spicy--at first it was pretty tricky for me to eat it, but I have some advice for all of you aspiring spicy food eaters out there. Embrace it. Enjoy the flames that attempt to devour your tongue. Masochism isn't always bad.

This here is a picture of mendazzi, an Omani (I think originally Zanzibari, but don't quote me on that... on an unrelated topic though, did you know that Zanzibar used to be part of Oman? In fact, it was the capital and the center of the slave trade!) sweet puffy delicious bit of dough that I must learn to make.

I'll work on getting some recipes up ASAP for anyone you is interested in cooking Omani style! (Right now, all I can make is tea!)

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