Sunday, March 11, 2012

You Know You're an Exchange Student When...

I’m in a list-making mood, so here’s another one.

You know you’re an exchange student when…

…you get outrageously excited when you meet someone who knows where Wisconsin is because usually you have to explain that it’s somewhere near Chicago (and sometimes then they think you’re from near Amerat, an area of which is nicknamed Chicago due to the high crime rate)

…the people who make the most fun of your accent is the other exchange students

…the way you speak is, according to the locals, “ADORABLE!”

…if you wear local clothing, people stare at you and try to figure out which tribe you’re from

…everyone in school knows you and says hi to you and you feel very awkward for not knowing who they are

…at every school assembly you have a friend be a translator, and feel quite incompetent because your brain will just not soak up this language!

…you still find mundane parts of life outrageously exciting!

…you put many songs on your iPod in your host country’s language even though you have no idea what they mean

…you spend lots of time planning your next trips overseas

…you know all of the swear words in your host language but still can’t comprehend what people say normally

…you know words in all of the languages of the countries that you have exchange student friends in because of their Facebook accounts

…you feel jealous at the prospect of some newbies coming to take your place in your host country next year

…you feel quite bored in your host city but wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

…you have spent a lot of time trying to explain American politics to people

…your weight is on a very steady upward incline

…because you hang out with exchange students so much, your English vocabulary has expanded to include words and phrases such as ‘y’all’, ‘ratchet’, and “we rolled up”

…everyone comes up to tell you that they have a brother/cousin/friend somewhere in America at an obscure university or in an obscure town

…your sense of fashion has begun to mimic that in your host country

…for some reason, you feel a renewed sense of patriotism for your home country even if you never were particularly patriotic before

…the thing you both dread and anticipate the most is your impending return to your home country

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  1. have been a wanderer among distant fields. I have sailed down mighty rivers.