Sunday, March 11, 2012

You Know You've Gone Omani When... (Part Two)

You know you’ve gone Omani when…

…you know the difference between rutub and tammar*

…fried chicken without masala and liberal amounts of chili is outrageously bland... in fact, this is the same with all foods

…dancing in class is normal

…March is the first month of summer

…you scoff at the all of dumb tourist ingleeziis

…your Microsoft Word automatically corrects the spelling of ‘ingleeziis’ because you use that word so much use the word meskin all of the time, usually sarcastically

…you know that the best way to remove the smell of fish from your hands is by rubbing them with lemon

…you absolutely adore the Omani football team

…anyone who speaks non-khaleeji Arabic is incomprehensible

…your neighbor gets a new pet rooster

…you can actually drink leben

…you can tell who goes to which school based on their uniforms

…everyone you meet is somehow related to you

…you know what a qambooa͑ is

…the main food groups are rice, saluna, and tea

…if you need anything (for example, chocolate or chips), you just head to the nearest duqan (small shop)

…’chips’ can mean either the thin crispy things or French fries and you use the word interchangeably

…you see a woman next to your school cutting grass to feed her goats

…when you make a list like this, the majority of the entries are food related

*rutub are fresh dates and tammar are sticky dried ones

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