Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Brief Update

Hello, readers! First I would just like to apologize for the scandalous lack of posts lately—I’ve fallen out of habit and I can’t pick it back up! No! I promise to try to get back into the swing of things though. Anyways, here’s a brief update of what’s been happening in Muscat recently.

Firstly, RAIN! Absolute madness for April. For one week straight and counting, it has rained here a little bit every day. The past few days especially have been rainy—kind of scary considering that there are virtually no gutters on Muscat’s roads. We were hoping for a rain day sometime last week at school, but alas! nothing. For a month when the average amount of rain is something like .1 cm (and yes I just made that up), we’ve had an ocean, though not quite literally. Luckily, it’s also cooled things down a bit here. However, the weather here is still beastly hot. Apparently it’s something like 70 degrees in Wisconsin right now, and everyone there thinks it’s hot. Well, my friends, it is about 100 degrees or so here right now. Oh, and in the midst of the rain there was another sandstorm! Lots of exciting weather around here lately!

Secondly, I’ve been kept very busy with weddings. It seems to be wedding season in the area, because I’ve been to two in the past week. The first one was for my host family’s second cousin, and the second was especially exciting: a first cousin, in fact one who we are quite close to. For the first wedding, I wore a jalabiyya, a Yemeni/ Arabian style dress.

 For the second wedding, I went the traditional Omani path, and this is what I have. It’s in the Dhofari (the southernmost region of Oman) style, and you can tell this because of the shorter front and much longer back. The pants are a more modern, Muscat-esque touch. Because we were family, we went to the salon to get hair done. Some of our group got their makeup done there too, but I tend to look like a zombie with too much eyeliner, so I did my own. My hair somehow managed to go from slightly-damp-and-tangled to this massive curly fabrication—a built in qamboua (which is the bump that some people wear under their hijab).

This particular wedding was the most fun of all of the ones that I’ve been to if only for the reason that I knew the people there. There was dancing and food and lots of fun.

I’ve also received my return plane tickets: we leave on June 18th, less than two months from now. If anyone who I personally know would like more details, please let me know. It’s absolutely bizarre to me that it’s already mid-April, when it seems like I only just arrived. I’m determined to make the best of these next few months, and I know I’ll miss Oman! 

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  1. So lovely for you to be part of a family and part of all these events. I've been living in Oman for a year and a half and haven't had half the experiences you have because it's very difficult to make contact with Omani women especially and to be part of their world. Envious that you get to wear local clothes and have help purchasing them, understanding what's what and how things are done etc. Amazing experience. You are very lucky!