Saturday, April 7, 2012

Shouting in the Dark

In Bahrain, a minority group rules the country with an iron grip. Protests have been happening around the country for the past year, and the foreign media has largely ignored it because, at least for America, Bahrain is a strategic ally in the region. I beg all of you readers to sit down and watch this 50-minute documentary, and to spread it on. 


  1. What are your views then on Bahrain hosting the F1 Grand Prix later this month? Many are campaigning against it...

  2. To some extent, I am against it: Bahrain's leaders and the wealthy will be getting a *lot* of positive press in the next month or so. However, I think--hope--that with reporters in the country, maybe a larger splash can be made by the protesters. Maybe it's just me being overly optimistic, but this is indeed an excellent way for foreign media to get a pass into the country. I hope some of them use it for good.