Monday, May 14, 2012

College Applications

I like to plan ahead. I’m working on college plans already—planning tours, thinking of essay ideas, and stressing excessively over every little aspect of the application and selection processes.

My classmates here, however, have a much easier process for college applications! The Omani Ministry of Education provides full scholarships to colleges all over the world. All that my classmates have to do is get good grades and they can really get sent anywhere. A few weeks ago, they got a book full of all of the majors that they can select and countries to choose from. Basically, they register on a website and once their grade 12 results come out, if they are good enough, students are given a scholarship.

Some of the scholarships are to schools within Oman. Some of them are to outside of Oman. After they register, students pick up to thirty choices. They select the major they want to have and then the country, and the Ministry ends up assigning them to a particular university. Though they cannot pick the university or even necessarily gain admission to one country, I like the idea of this opportunity, particularly from a financial aspect! These scholarships provide for travel expenses and living expenses as well as tuition fees, and students are likely to secure jobs back in Oman once they graduate. Personally, I’m hoping that some of my friends end up in the USA so I can see them next year, because I’ll miss them! 

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  1. Actually unemployment in Oman, especially among young people is quite high. Most of the others work for the government. There is a lack of Omani people working in the private sector. Also the government cannot afford to take care of the entire population with oil at $65 a barrel. The government is currently running a deficit and with oil depleting things will certainly have to change in the near future. It sounds good on paper but the reality is quite different. Now Omanis are encouraged to start businesses and work in the private sector at an increasing rate because of this. Its nice for the government to give you money but in most countries it comes from tax payers not oil revenue. Oman expat.