Friday, May 4, 2012

Say, How's the Weather?

I’ve always known weather to be one of those topics. The ones that conversations turn to as a last-ditch effort. The grand finale, except more of a grand whimper.  An attempt to quell an awkward silence.

Well, Oman has changed my views on that. Sometimes, the weather is all that there is to talk about because it affects every single bit of life here, especially in the summer—which is now.

Over the past few days, I’ve especially noticed how provocatively hot it is. Yesterday, the thermometer read 42˚ Celsius. In Fahrenheit? 108˚. ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT DEGREES. And it’s still “not very hot yet.” The hottest weather that I can ever remember is about 105, and it was so bad that several animals at the county fair died and most of us wanted to follow them, at least temporarily. Here, people keep on trucking, because this is normal. It’s not even June yet!

What interests me most about this is that it doesn’t bother me nearly as much as I thought it would. Because I’ve built up to it gradually, I’ve found that the heat is just something that I deal with. It’s hot, but it’s inevitable. Omanis complain about it in the same good-natured way that Wisconsinites complain about the winter cold.

The sun doesn’t help. It probably won’t rain again until October, and cloudy skies are a rarity in the summer. With the little vegetation, most everything is exposed. Even the walk from the car to the house generates sweat.

I did a bit of research in comparison on the internet. In Muscat, the average temperature in June is 104 degrees. In my town in Wisconsin, it’s 79. (On the flipside, next winter will be brutal for me and I’m not even going to look at statistics for that.) When I return home, I hope I don’t freeze in the frigid June temperatures!


  1. I will bring your parka to the airport when we pick you up