Thursday, May 10, 2012


Some disconnected tidbits from my life over the past few weeks:

Last night my school had its graduation ceremony for the seniors, even though they still have to finish their coursework and exams. It was an awesome celebration, and fairly bittersweet. The kids who graduated are my best friends here. They’ve taken care of me all year, helped me when I’m confused, and laughed with me about a million things. I’m so proud of all of them for their hard work. I gave a speech about the YES program—half in Arabic! It was an awesome feeling to see applause after I spoke Arabic (mildly unrelated, but one of my friends told me “Emma, your Arabic sounds like an Omani’s! An Omani two year old!” I guess that’s a compliment). During one of the rehearsals, I totally fudged the English part but the Arabic part sounded awesome, so I skipped around happily for a few hours because of that.

The ceremony also is making me anticipate my own graduation, about a year from now. I’m excited for graduating and going on to more fabulous parts of my life.

I also gave a presentation with the other YES students about hosting exchange students in Oman. We talked about our experiences and they showed pictures of us. What they really need right now are families for boys, because all of the girls for next year are placed. In a conservative country like Oman, it’s difficult to place boys because the family either has to be very liberal or the women in the house have to make changes to their lifestyles (they basically have to remain covered at home all of the time, which is difficult!). Anyways, also Jaira did my hair and we ate some chicken lollipops. Yeah!

Some kittens were born in the plants in front of my house!

According to rumors, it reached 50 degrees Celsius the other day. That is really, really, really, really, really, really, really hot. It’s been over 40 every day for the past two weeks. At night if it goes down to 38 it’s cold. We spent two hours at a park to film something and all came back looking as if we’d been through an actual war, we were that sweat-drenched.

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