Thursday, June 7, 2012

Step Up Oman

I went to a charity event yesterday called Step Up Oman. If you have seen the Step Up movies, it basically was a competition like that. Anyways, it was organized by a group associated with AMIDEAST so we went along to help/ enjoy.

It was a pretty neat event, and kudos to the girls who organized it! The money they gained was designated to helping to train a family of 12 to lift themselves from poverty. The family won't directly be given the funds, but will instead be given things like English classes.

In case you're not aware of exactly what Step Up is, it basically is a really hyped-up dance contest. There are a large number of teenagers (in this case all boys) who come to dance. They all do flips and jumps and occasionally slide for a few meters on their heads. The last one was especially impressive!

I've also been, unfortunately, saying many goodbyes to people. Yesterday was the end of school, so I said goodbye to many teachers and friends. Also, we had our YES Abroad end-of-the-year dinner, which was indeed bittersweet. 

Next week I'm off to Dubai for three days as long as I get my road permit on time! Very excited about that!

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