Thursday, July 19, 2012

Closure, If you want to call it that

Hi, everyone.

First, an apology. For not blogging at the end of my trip (I was quite busy with a trip to Dubai and my goodbyes), and for not blogging since I've returned home--which was one month ago today, June 19th.

I don't have the words to articulate how I'm feeling. Oman was such an exciting time for me. My preparations, travel, and time there thrilled me to the core. I expected that my return home would be anti-climactic, that I would go into a bit of a depressed stupor. But the truth is that the exact opposite has happened. So far, I've been thriving at home. I'm enjoying time with my family and friends, I'm enjoying all of my summer activities--college visits and applications, volunteer work on a political campaign, reconnecting with old friends from all over the region--I'm enjoying the little things I'd taken for granted. And so, no, I'm not particularly homesick for Oman. I had expected to go into a shell upon my return, and perhaps that expectancy is exactly what has thus far driven me to enjoy my return--and perhaps, a bit, to push away memories in order to avoid feeling too depressed. That's not to say that I don't miss Oman. I wouldn't say that I'm actively homesick, but perhaps I have a bit of an ache that wonders What if? What if I was still there? But in life we all have to face the truth, and because of that, I'm still just plugging away at life, moving forward.

Optimism is the best way for me to move on with my life. My life should not be apathetic. And so I've taken it upon myself to enjoy my life and to fill it with meaningful work. Oman meant so much to me, and that will not change. But there are other opportunities for me to undertake, and other things that will excite me. So here I go, rushing off into the future, prepared by all that I learned about myself in the past year.

So, here's to embracing the most amazing year of my life, and here's to all of the magnificent future events.

Cheers, and thanks to all of you for following my blog and accompanying me on this journey.