Wednesday, September 2, 2015



I arrived this morning in Tunis. Although I'm thoroughly jet lagged, I want to post a quick update as to how things are going. I had a long layover in Istanbul, and got to go out and explore (and find some delicious food!)

Then I was off to Tunis, where I landed this morning! I met up with my cohort, which once again is quite small--there are eight of us. We arrived at our hotel, went for a walk to the beach together, and now are about to head off to dinner and to start our orientation to the Tunisian life. I'll post more later when I'm less jet lagged, but here are some pictures!

Part of Ben Ali's former villa, which is now owned by the Tunisian state. 
Sidi Bou Said (aka Sidi Bou), where our program is based. 
Walking through Sidi Bou to our hotel!

A few lovely hotel pictures!

Our walk down the hill...
To the beach!

So far, Tunisia is absolutely lovely and I'm thrilled to be here!

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