Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Orientation Day One


Day two in Tunisia has gone swimmingly. We woke up, enjoyed a delicious breakfast in our hotel courtyard, which looks like this :

Breakfast, like every Tunisian meal (and snacks) includes baguettes. Afterwards, we headed down towards the SIT office where we began orientation. We also got to meet our host families today, enjoy lunch at a hip café, go for a few more walks through Sidi Bou Said, and enjoyed some delicious Tunisian fish. I'm looking forward to moving into my host family's house this weekend. My host family speaks mostly Arabic, thought one of my sisters knows some English. Other highlights included an outrageously beautiful thunderstorm (we saw the lightning from across the Mediterranean). Here are a few more pictures!

We also learned a few more words in Tounsi (Tunisian Arabic) today. Here's a sampling of some of them:

3aychek; Thank you!
La beis: How are you? (response: alhamdulillah, same as in Oman)
Bursha bursha: a lot


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