Monday, October 19, 2015

A Day in Tunisia

On a typical day in Tunisia, I head out in the morning for class. Sometimes I'll split a cab with a few other students from my program, but last Friday (when I took the pictures for this post, I walked). It takes about a half an hour to get from my house to the SIT building in Sidi Bou Said. 

I walk by the stadium in La Marsa, down a lovely residential street with lots of palm trees, by several cats...

Then, I go down a few other streets, this time with many flowers growing over the sides of walls (a sure sign that you're approaching Sidi Bou Said!) and a mosque... the Sidi Bou Said park and a large statue of a mouse with massive ears (possibly a recycling symbol; it's often found on water bottles)

... And into Sidi Bou! The SIT door is always happy to see us.

In the mornings, we usually have a lecture from a local academic, member of an NGO, or businessperson. We're currently in the middle of a seminar on Youth, Media, and Social Movementa, and on Friday we were visited by a woman who works on minority rights in Tunisia, particularly for Amazighs, Jews, blacks, and the LGBT community. 

After the lecture, we were off to our weekly dance my classmates are pretending to dance before our teacher arrived...

...and demonstrating some of what we learned last week! 

For lunch, I usually walk to the grocery store and come back to cook in SIT.

After lunch, we have 2-3 hours of Arabic class. Usually at night I head home and spend time with my host family, but on Friday we all stayed late at SIT to watch the Democratic Debate and cook dinner together. 

Mm, Tounsi-Tex-Mex!


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